The difference is...the chemical structure

PVE (Polyvinylether), the Daphne Hermetic Oil FV Series lubricant from Idemitsu.

PVE is a non-POE based refrigerant lubricant for HFC commercial HVAC equipment.

The chemical chain of our PVE oil shows similar characteristics to Mineral Oil (Hydrocarbon with both good lubricity and similar dielectric strength.

In addition, the chemical structure's side chain has characteristics of PAG oil, with good solubility and no hydrolysis.


  • Compatible with all HFC refrigerants

    • R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, etc.


  • No Hydrolysis unlike POE (Polyolester) lubricants

    • No reaction with water!


  • PVE bond energy enhances anti-wear effectiveness

    • Anti-wear effectiveness not enhanced when compared to POE


  • Better solubility with process fluids


  • Capillary Tube Blockage

    • Superior resistance due to lack of hydrolysis

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