The Idemitsu Lubricants America Corporation (ILA) Daphne Hermetic Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) Series are synthetic lubricants uniquely formulated to provide unsurpassed lubricity, wear protection, and proper miscibility with ozone-friendly refrigerants, as well as R-12 in the case of retrofits.


This formulation has been engineered to provide additional protection for wobble, rotary vane, swash plate, and scroll type automotive compressor and air conditioning systems where CFC (R-12) and HFC (R134a) refrigerants are used.


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  • Worldwide push towards protection of the ozone layer and reduction of CFCs.  OEM and Suppliers using R134a as refrigerant of choice.

  • Daphne Hermetic PAG has a  Double End-Capped molecular structure which provides better chemical stability than ordinary single end capped PAG.  The double end capped Daphne Hermetic PAG is chemically inactive; very tolerant of high temperatures, and will not react to form harmful acids.

  • Single End-Capped PAG is chemically active. 

  • HFC Refrigerants are not compatible with traditional mineral oil, synthetic lubricants (i.e. PAG oils) are necessary

  • Ester Oil (POE) components are organic acid and alcohol; which when exposed to high heat and moisture may result in hydrolysis and damaging acids.

  • Fully compatible with other PAG lubricants

  • Not compatible with mineral oil, ester oil (POE), or POA’s

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